Imagine you’re in an Airport. While you’re waiting for your flight, you notice a kiosk selling shortbread cookies.

You buy a box, put them in your travelling bag and then you patiently search for an available seat so you can sit down and enjoy your cookies.

Finally you find a seat next to a gentleman. You reach down into your travelling bag and pull out your box of shortbread cookies.

As you do so, you notice that the gentleman starts watching you intensely.
He stares as you open the box and his eyes follow your hand as you pick up the cookie and bring it to your mouth. Just then he reaches over and takes one of your cookies from the box, and eats it ! _You’re more than a little surprised at this_.

Actually, you’re at a loss for words. Not only does he take one cookie, but he alternates with you. For every one cookie you take, he takes one.

Now, what’s your immediate impression of this guy? _Crazy? Greedy? He’s got some nerve_!

Can you imagine the words you might use to describe this man to your associates back at the office?

Meanwhile, you both continue eating the cookies until there’s just one left. To your surprise, the man reaches over and takes it…….

But then he does something unexpected. He breaks it in half, and gives half to you.
After he’s finished with his half, he gets up, and without a word, he leaves…….

You think to yourself, “Did this really happen?” You’re left sitting there dumbfounded and still hungry. So you go back to the kiosk and buy another box of cookies.

You then return to your seat and begin opening your new box of cookies when suddenly you glance down into your travelling bag. Sitting there in your bag is your original box of cookies still unopened…..!!!

Only then, do you realize that when you reached down earlier, you had reached into the other man’s bag, and grabbed his box of cookies by mistake.

Now what do you think of the man? Generous?




You’ve just experienced a profound Paradigm Shift

You’re seeing things from a new point of view.

Is it time to change your point of view? Now, think of this story as it relates to your life.

Seeing things from a new point of view can be very enlightening. Things may not be what they seem_. BE OPEN to Suggestions

Every Point has THREE Sides;

  1. Your Side,
  2. My Side,
  3. The Right Side……

_To understand either the Other’s Side or the Right Side, one needs to LEAVE HIS SIDE……!!!


Throw him into the sea |

A sultan decided to travel by sea with some of his favourite courtiers. They joined the ship in Dubai and sailed out into the open sea.

However, as soon as the ship moved away from land, one of his subjects – who had never seen the sea before, having spent most of his life in the mountains – began to be overcome with panic.

Sitting in the ship’s hold, he cried, shouted and refused to eat or sleep. Everyone tried to calm him down, saying that the journey wasn’t as dangerous as all that, but although he heard their words, they had no influence on his heart.

The sultan did not know what to do, and the fine journey upon calm seas and under blue skies, became a torment for the passengers and crew alike.

Two days passed without anyone being able to sleep because of the man’s cries.

The sultan was about to order the ship to return to port, when one of his ministers, who was known for his wisdom, came over:

“Your Highness, with your permission, I will be able to calm him.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the sultan said that not only would he allow it, but that he should reward him if he succeeded in solving the problem.

The wise man asked that the man be thrown into the sea. Right away, content because their nightmare was about to end, several crew members grabbed the man struggling in the hold, and cast him into the ocean.

The courtier thrashed about, sank, swallowed plenty of seawater, returned to the surface, screamed louder than ever, sank again, and managed to surface once again. Just then, the minister ordered for him to dragged back on board.

From then on, no one heard so much as a single complaint from the man, who spent the rest of the journey in silence, and even commented to one of the passengers that he had never seen anything so beautiful as the sky and sea touching on the horizon.

The journey – which had before been a torment to all those on board the ship – became a pleasurable, peaceful experience.

A short time before they returned to port, the Sultan went to see the minister:

“How did you guess that, by throwing that poor man into the sea, he would calm down?”

“Because of my marriage,” replied the minister. “I was always terrified of losing my wife, and was so jealous that I never stopped shouting and screaming like that man.

“One day she could take no more, and left me – and I tasted the terrible experience of living without her. She only returned when I promised never again to torment her with my fears.

“In the same way, that man had never tasted salt water, and had never known the agony of a drowning man. When he felt that, he understood only too well how marvellous it can be to feel the planks of a ship under his feet.”

De-briefing of the story

Sometimes we don’t know the value of what we have until we lose it. Therefore let us stop complaining about our present conditions and learn to be grateful.


THE PRINCIPLES OF GREATNESS, a must read article for all…

The principles of greatness, these are the principles that make a great leader out of anyone who is willing to internalize and utilize them…these are:

  1. Attitude
  2. Attribute
  3. Aptitude
  4. Altitude

Can be defined as the way of thinking with regard to a fact or state, the way one responds mentally toward a fact or state.
A great example to show the good use of this feat is the Lion, it’s not as fast as a cheetah, its not as tall as a Giraffe, it’s not as massive as a Rhino , it’s not as powerful as an Elephant, it’s not even as smart as a chimpanzee….but somehow he’s become the king of the jungle, every animal fears the Lion….so what made the Lion a fearsome king?…..IT’S ATTITUDE, when a Lion targets another animal, it doesn’t see things like how more powerful, how faster or how smarter that animal is, all it sees is “LUNCH!!!”…a Lion never backs out from a challenge, it doesn’t fear failure, always takes a chance, it always TAKES ACTION!!! That’s the thing that makes it fearsome and that’s what we all need, the reason that few people ever succeed is not because they just had more knowledge, its because that those few people
took action and kept the or attitude straight no matter how things turned out to be. Those with poor attitude doubt themselves like “what if I fail?”, “what if it doesn’t work?”…..well, unless u take action you’ll never know…and if u take action and if it doesn’t work, then you’ll have more knowledge because now you’ll know what doesn’t work…

It’s a quality, character, or characteristic ascribed to someone. Our attributes could be our talents, knowing your attributes saves you a great amount of time to strategize your ascent to higher grounds.

Defined as one’s learning capacity. Having a positive attitude and knowing your skills need to be accompanied with the proper knowledge to nurture and develop your talents…every successful talented individual u know has done it. Always try to dump some good stuff in, Read.

🔹Altitude:(The Most important one to remember!!)
An Eagle is know to reach flight altitudes no other bird could reach(a mile off the ground, to be precise). An eagle’s journey isn’t interrupted by a flock of noisy quacking ducks or pigeons that fly low…the only thing an eagle can run into is another eagle.
If the people around us are all pessimistic, discouraging drama queens with nothing but “sad & dark quotes” n stuff, you’re in the ducks and pigeons zone, change your altitude, try to meet people who want the same thing, Greatness…move higher to the eagles zone.
The only way to enjoy a sports car isn’t in the city where there are the speed limits and loads of traffics with slow cars, it’s in the racetracks where there are no limits, where u and other sports cars like u can run with freedom! Unleash your inner sports car!!!!(sounds like some commercial doesn’t it😂)

They say the passage of time will heal all wounds… But the greater the loss, the depper the cut…
And more difficult the process to become whole again.

The pain may fade, but scare serves as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to wounded again.

So as time move along, we got lost in distractions, act out in frustration…
React with aggression…
Give in to anger.

All the while, we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger. Then before we even realize that so much time has passes…
We are healed, ready to begin anew.



Think before…

We should think seriously before we slam doors,
before we burn bridges,
before we saw off the limb on which,
we find ourselves sitting.

Many of us have difficult days. People disappoint us. Events or circumstances upset us. Anger may be our sole feeling at such times. Unfortunately, we may act upon that anger hastily by saying things we later regret, by making shortsighted decisions, or even by slamming a door in someone’s face.

Sometimes a slammed door won’t open again. Sometimes people we insult or snap at will back off from us. Sometimes decisions we make in anger and haste cannot be changed—or may take considerable time and effort to undo.

Angry moments do not have to erupt into fiery volcanoes. If we learn to sit with our anger awhile until we are calmer and more rational, we can avoid shameful, regretful results. Today’s anger does not need to erupt tonight toward any person, place, or thing. Tonight we can let the dust settle and tempers cool while time helps us get things into perspective. We who wait are both wise and mature.




1. To fall in love.

2. To clear your last exam.

3. To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep.

4. To get a phone call saying class is… cancelled.

5. To feel butterflies every time you see THAT PERSON.

6. To see an old friend again and to feel that things have not Changed.

7. To touch the fingers of newly born child.

_*8. Waiting for a call or message from your loved one when you are alone.

9. Walking alone on a silent road at night and listening to your favourite songs.

10. Riding on a highway while its raining.

11. Speaking to the special one on phone while standing infront of the mirror.

Feels just Awesome.

and the last one is right now…

12. While reading this there was constant smile on your face which was one of the best moments I believe!

Keep smiling… It really suits you!

Wishing you most & more.

“Walking” is the best exercise

Walk Away 🚶🏽 from
arguments that leads you to nowhere but anger.

Walk Away🚶🏽 from
people who deliberately put you down.

Walk Away🚶🏽 from
any thought that reduces your worth.

Walk Away 🚶🏽 from
failures and fears that stiffle your dreams.

Walk Away🚶🏽 from
people who do not care for you and who are opportunistic.

The more you Walk Away🚶🏽 from
things that poison your soul, the happier your life will be.

Give Yourself A Walk 🚶🏽
Towards love, peace, kindness and goodness

Give Yourself A Walk🚶🚶 to God’s house and worship Him in Truth and in Spirit. May God help us daily to walk in the right direction, to walk towards Him and with Him.

Let’s do more walking

10 short stories with deep meanings


1) She was very excited
today, as the
school was re-opening
after a long summer
break. Now, once
again, she could start
selling stationery at
the traffic signal to
feed her family.

2) She, a renowned artist
and a strict mother,
often scolded her 6-
year-old son for he
could never draw a
line straight. As he
breathed slowly into
the ventilator, she
begged him to make
one more crooked line
on the ECG.

3) “Everyone goes with
the flow… but the one
who goes against it
becomes someone
remarkable.” Before I
could explain this to
the traffic police, the
man issued me a fine.

4) Their love was
different. She was
happy every time he
kicked her in the
stomach. Every time
he kicked she loved
him more. She waited
for the time she would
hold her baby for the
first time.

5) All my toys are yours..!
Read her brother’s
death note.

6) They took his father,
and only returned a

7) At 25, I became a
mother of one; at 27 I
became a mother of
two; and today, at 55, I
have become a
mother of three! My
son got married today,
and brought home his

8) “Born to rich parents,
this boy is so lucky,”
exclaimed the
Somewhere in
heaven, three unborn
sisters cried.

9) “You ruined my career,
I was supposed to be
an Executive Director,”
she thought to
herself. The little
angel held her finger
tightly and she forgot
everything; A mother
was born.

10) Once a 5-year-old boy
was standing
barefoot in the
shallow water of the
ocean. He was
repeating the same
sentence to the
waves – “Even if you
touch my feet a
thousand times, I
won’t forgive you for
taking my parents

_Breath taking! Aren’t they?_10 short stories with deep meanings.

What’s the size of God? Excellent reading

A boy asked the father:
What’s the size of God?

Then the father looked up to the sky and seeing an airplane asked the son:

What’s the size of that airplane?

The boy answered: It’s very small. I can barely see it.

So the father took him to the airport and as they approached an airplane he asked:

And now, what is the size of this one? The boy answered: Wow daddy, this is huge!

Then the father told him: God, is like this, His size depends on the distance between you and Him.

The closer you are to Him, the greater He will be in your life!

Loved the explanation…..

I will love your comments,


“A certain gentleman walked into a hotel and after perusing through the menu ordered for some food.

After about 20 mins another group of gentlemen walked in and ordered for theirs.

To his dismay,the first gentleman saw them get
served first.

He watched as they began to eat and laugh heartily

He even overheard one of them brag about how he knew everyone at that hotel and how things moved fast for him there.

He felt he was being mocked.
He contemplated leaving.

But he had waited soo long.

Unable to take it anymore, he called the waiter
and spoke sadly of how unfair things were.

☺The waiter calmly told him,
Yours is a special order sir, being prepared by the
chief chef himself.

Their orders were prepared hurriedly by interns because the top chefs are busy with yours.

That’s why they came first.

🙏 Please have some juice as you wait.

Unknown to him the owner of the hotel
(who happened to be an old long lost friend of his)
had seen him coming and wanted to surprise him
and had made changes to his simple meal to make
it a five star meal. 😌

He calmed down and waited.
Shortly after, his meal was served by 6 waiters
and he was waited on hand and foot and being
made very comfortable. ☺

The party at the other table were shocked. 🤔

They couldn’t stop staring.
Suddenly they were the ones murmuring,
asking why they didn’t get that kind of service
and meal. 😱

So it is with life. 😌🤗

Some people are ahead of you and eating now, laughing at you about how they know people and
how they’re blessed with money and how they’re enjoying life because of it.

You have been waiting long wondering why its
taking soo long to get your breakthrough,
enduring mockery and humiliation.

Maybe you have contemplated suicide, gone
through depression or suffered severe mental

Do not worry.

The owner of the world has seen you.
And doesn’t want to give you simple meals like
those laughing at you.

You’ve been waiting for long because yours is a special meal and takes time.
And only chief chefs make those.

Take heart today.
Wait for your meal and relax.
When it comes, the laughing party will be
silenced for good.

Calm down.

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